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# Longer Life Cycle
# High Cranking Power
# Vibration Resistance
# Low Self Discharge
# Nonspillable in Any Position

Spiral Wound Technology is the most advanced batterytechnology with the following advantages:
1.Longer Life Cycle
   Up to 2 times longer life compare than conventional batteries.
2.High Cranking Power
   More power in the initial 1,3,5 and 10 seconds of the startingprocess than
   comparably rated conventional lead acid batteries.
3.Vibration Resistance
   Maxima Spiral Wound have more 15 times more vibration resistancethan
   conventional batteries.
4.Low Self Discharge
5.Puffed Up Resistance
6.Constant Performance Quality
7.Nonspillable in Any Position

Awarded by Guinness Book of Record for "Smallest Battery can crank 8000cc truck engines"